BIO 2571 takes a walk

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Elena Brezynski, PhD, with her Introduction to Biology class, embarks on a scavenger hike, testing their knowledge on the wildlife of the island. As a group of future teachers, these students must learn how to best teach their future students the wonders of biology.


Running free on the island, the ever elusive deer population are always a must-see.


Walking along the rocky shores of the Marina, the students turn over rocks to find small critters scrambling around. On the docks, they peer over the edge, into the water, to observe jellyfish and other sea life.


At low tide, you can find starfish, hermit crabs, and other organisms wading in the small tide pools. The last stop on the scavenger hunt, Dr. Elena Brezynski’s class finishes up their observations and winds down, and prepare for the trip back to home base.


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