Chance to live on Blakely


Courtesty of Chris Karsteter.
An aerial picture of the main house and land for sale.

When Seattle Pacific University students talk about Blakely Island and the field station it’s easy to imagine a private oasis without any other people around. While that is true on a large part of the island, there’s an entire residential community that can’t be overlooked.

And now, for just $14 million, you can join that small community of people and own a piece of Blakely Island.

The land parcel for sale according the San Juan County tax records.

The 29-acre property is listed for a cool $13,995,000. Perhaps the best part of the property is that, though it is attached to Blakely, it’s essentially its own island. Located on the northern tip of the island, this property boasts several buildings and amenities.

Realtor Chris Karsteter is working to sell the house and land along with all it’s uniqueness.

Karsteter says the property is “kind of like your own island within a larger, bigger island.”

For the last 30 years, Karsteter has been selling island homes up and down Puget Sound. It’s a unique niche market that he’s part of, in addition to his regular homes in the city. Despite the challenges of the Blakely property, he says it’s not the most difficult property he’s had to sell.

The real challenge, according to Karsteter, is the water and access to the island. And, like all houses at this price point, not just anyone can come view the property.

For a lot of people “it’s their hobby to look at houses,” Karsteter says, and the current owner doesn’t want those people coming by. Serious buyers only can even come to the island, and they must past other restrictions that the seller outlined. The seller is a private woman, so information about the property is limited to only those that have a legitimate chance of buying.

Though the house has been on the market for some time now, Karsteter says it’s all about finding the right buyer.

Courtesty of Chris Karsteter.
The 29-acre property is part of Blakely Island but it is like its own private getaway.

That right buyer will most likely be searching for a vacation home and not a year-round home. According to LeRoy Hubbert, one of the current caretakers of the SPU owned field station, there are only about 20 people live on the island year-round—and most of them are caretakers. But, by the time Memorial Day weekend comes and the sun makes a more regular appearance, the rest of the island homeowners return.



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