How Blakely came to SPU

Nestled away amidst the San Juan Islands just before Canada, there is a 5,000 acre island that invites you to experience a serene other world. Each year, a handful of Seattle Pacific University students get the opportunity to explore Blakely Island, sleep in the custom bedrooms and conduct lab work in a cedar building made only for SPU students.

SPU owns 1,000 acres of the beautiful Blakely Island, but it is not a luxury students have to pay for. In fact, no tuition money is used to sustain Blakely Island. This world away from the mainland is essentially self sustaining.

So, how did Seattle Pacific University get the opportunity to own 1,000 acres of the coveted Blakely Island? SPU’s Blakely Island caretaker, and most knowledgable member, LeRoy Hubbert explains over a classic student dinner how SPU was given such a priceless gem.



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