Value of Blakely Island


Thinking about giving to the Blakely Island Field Station, listen to these testimonials of Blakely Island employees, professors and students.

Friendship and Community

Belle Burnside

SPU Ecology Student and Former BIFS Summer Employee

Practical Application of Education

Krysta Reece

SPU Ecology Student, BIOCORE Scholar’s Learning Assistant and Former BIFS Spring Break Employee

Emphasis on Research and Teaching

Dr. bruce COngdon

Professor Emeritus of Biology and Former Field Station Director

Student, Professor Connections

Gemma Gaxiola

SPU Integrated Studies Student, attended ’24 Spring Session with “Introduction to Biology” course

Breathtaking Boat Views

Katie HIll

SPU Elementary Education Student, attended ’24 Spring Session with “Introduction to Biology” course

Hands-on Learning

Kiersten Moranville

SPU Elementary Education Student, Attended ’22 SPring

Unique Resources

Kaitlynn Knocke

SPU Biology Student

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