The Journalists

Blue Team

We will be visited Blakely Island April 13-14 and with BIO 3453 “Biodiversity: Plant Identification and Taxonomy,” taught by Professor of Biology and Director of Blakely Island Field Station Tim Nelson.

2018.4.30 Jenna Dennison-7769Jenna Dennison

Jenna Dennison is a senior pursuing a degree in Journalism at Seattle Pacific University.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Dennison grew up in the small town of Blaine, Washington, located on the U.S.-Canadian border. She has written for SPU’s student newspaper, The Falcon, and recently completed an internship with KING 5 News.

When she’s not in class, you can find her in any local coffee shop drinking copious amounts of espresso.


Anastasia Kharitonova

As an SPU junior studying journalism and political science, Anastasia is fascinated by the relationship between communication and organizational success.

Anastasia has written for SPU’s student newspaper, planned events ranging from cultural festivals to political lectures, and worked as a marketing intern at a botanical garden. Currently, she volunteers as a legal assistant on immigration cases.

After graduation, Anastasia plans to work in an organization that supports migrants and pursue her love of Russian studies.


10628339_827298510644436_4947261895176003264_nCaroline Metsker

Caroline is a senior journalism student at SPU with a passion for digital media, marketing, and public policy.

Caroline enjoys working in her social media and content marketing internship at Techstars, participating in event planning for clubs at her university, and studying for long hours in Seattle coffee shops.

Upon graduating in June, Caroline is seeking to pursue a position in marketing in the Seattle area.


Tori Hoffman

In pursuit of an undergraduate degree in journalism and digital media at Seattle Pacific University, Tori Hoffman is dedicated to privileging voices of those who are often most vulnerable in society — immigrants, people of color, people with disabilities, low-income workers and LGBTQ people — rather than relying on the perspectives of the powerful. She enjoys taking on the challenge of making someone’s story compelling and accessible to a larger audience.

Originally from Denver, she loves the buzz of the city as much as she does the serenity of the outdoors. Her true passion though, is making meaning. She aims to communicate human experience with care by showing new perspectives in her work whether visually or verbally.

In doing so, she aims to challenge the status quo and inspire change, sharing stories that render human beings with dignity, build community, and ultimately, cultivate justice.


Orange Team

Blakely May 4-6, 2018 with Dr. Brezynski’s Introduction to Biology class.

Jaerez Ozolin – Jaerez Ozolin is a senior here at SPU after earning his associates degree from Tacoma community college in political science. From running sand hills to digging for clams, he thrives on getting his feet wet on beaches whenever he can.  When it’s all set and done he plans to retire on the beach that gives him the most inner peace.

Jessica Hancock – Jessica Hancock is a senior pursuing a major in Communications with a concentration in Journalism. Born and raised in Seattle, she has strong love for her hometown. Jessica believes the only thing Seattle needs in order to be perfect is a Shake Shack restaurant, which will be coming in 2018.

Justina Brown – Justina is a junior studying communication on the journalism track at Seattle Pacific University. Currently, she’s the marketing and communications intern with Footprints of Fight. One day, she hopes to have time to read for fun, become an editor at a high profile magazine in New York, run a small town newspaper and build a tiny house, but for now she’s in school.

Kimberly See – Kimberly See is a senior pursuing a major in Communications with a concentration in Journalism. See has Filipino roots but has lived in the Seattle area most of her life. As a little girl, she fell in love with the world of Harry Potter and has not stopped going on new adventures since. She is an avid day dreamer and a self-proclaimed nerd at heart. Laughing is her hobby and her dream is to not only see the world, but to create worlds of her own through her writing.

Riley Evans – Riley is currently a junior pursing a Communications degree with a concentration in journalism. She is Australian, born and raised, and plans on moving back to the land down under after she graduates in 2019. Her other passion besides writing stories is basketball, which is what initially brought her to Seattle Pacific. She would love to do sports journalism in the future.

Red Team

We tagged along with Dr. Brezynski and her BIO2571 students during their weekend at Blakely Island Field Station.

Pictured from left to right: Erin Beattie, Jessica Bollinger, Jenn Tran, Katie Ward, Taylor Muñoz

Green Team

imagejpeg_2Our names are Tatum Odegard, Anya Annear, Drew Smith, and Renz Guinid and we are Journalism students at SPU. May 18-20, 2018, we went to Blakley Island with Dr. Long’s Ecology class.

Anya Annear is third year studying Communications and Russian from Dallas, Oregon. You can follow her personal link at:

Drew Smith is a fourth year studying Journalism and Business Administration from Bellevue, WA. You can follow his work online at:

Renz Guinid is a third year Journalism student residing in Seattle, WA. You may find his work at:

Tatum Odegard is a third year Journalism student from Mercer Island, WA. Her personal website is