Blakely Island Field Station

Seattle Pacific University

Application for Summer Course Assistance
from the Friends of Blakely Island Field Station Scholarship Endowment

Date ______________________________

Name __________________________________________________________________________


_____________________________________________ email ______________________________

Telephone_________________________ SSN or SPU Student ID____________________________

Course(s) for which you are seeking financial aid:

Course number

Course title


1.  What academic accomplishments or experiences do you feel best qualify you for financial assistance? (You may use a separate sheet or continue on the back of this sheet.)

2.  How many college credits have you completed? _________ 

3.  What is your grade point average? _________

4.  What economic circumstances (if any) do you feel warrant consideration for financial assistance? (May include travel from outside of Washington State. You may use a separate sheet or continue on the back of this sheet.)  

5. Do you have a family member who is employed by SPU? (Check one) Yes____________ No___________

Are you eligible for the SPU faculty/staff discount? (Check one) Yes____________ No___________

6.  Please ask a professor or advisor who is familiar with your academic work and/or economic circumstances to write a letter of recommendation supporting your application. Both the application and the recommendation should be sent to:

Dr. Tim Nelson
Department of Biology
Suite 205
Seattle Pacific University
Seattle, WA    98119-1950
FAX: 206 281-2882

This application must be returned to Dr. Nelson by the first business day of May.
After that date, applications will still be considered but funds may be limited or no longer be available.